About us

The R&J Measurement company was established in 1993 and it is the producer of high quality measuring instruments. The company's major interest is production of measuring devices and computerized measuring systems destined to test the magnetic properties of both magnetically soft and magnetically hard materials.

We produce also fully automated measuring devices assigned to measure the insulation resistivity of coatings on the surface of electrotechnical steel sheet as well as microprocessor-controlled instruments for non-destructive determination of both the relative magnetic permeability of non-magnetic materials (including acid-resisting steel) and ferrite contents (for example in Duplex). R&J Measurement produces highly specialized instruments, which are often new to the European and International Market.

We would like to point out that our company designed the computerized measuring system suitable for determination the dynamic magnetic properties of the electrotechnical steel in both rotational and alternating fields, which was practically applied in the Institute of Machines, Drives and Electrical Measurements of Wroclaw University of Technology.

The computerized system designed to measure the dynamic magnetic properties of the electrotechnical steel in alternating fields, which was produced for Institute of Electrotechnics, Wroclaw Department of Materials Technology for Electrical Engineering was accredited as the only in the country.

The performance capabilities of the systems, which fulfill the IEC standard, ensure the measuring precision acquired for the unequivocal evaluation of material quality for both technological and structural applications. The systems are especially valuable as basic laboratory equipment for those companies, which are engaged in production and utilization of electrotechnical steel and as equipment for research laboratories, which are engaged in producing and transforming electrical energy.

Our measuring instruments are characterized by high accuracy, noise immunity and reliability.