JM-XY10 Yoke

The JM-XY10 yoke is designed to measure dynamic magnetic properties of tested materials under alternating and rotational field. The measuring could by made on square samples (side: 60÷100 mm) or circle samples with diameter 60÷85 mm.
The JM50 yoke could be cooperating with following equipment designed to measuring soft magnetic properties:

  • MAG-TD200

The yoke JM-XY10 is designed to measure the dynamic magnetic properties of electrotechnical steel as well as powder composites in both alternating and rotational fields. The JM-XY10 yoke is characterized by:

  • Compact construction
  • High symmetry
  • Small dispersion of magnetic flux
  • Working in the range of big permeabilities
  • Easy and quick poles disassembly
  • Small dimentions

The JM-XY10 yoke is equipped with:

  • Measuring head with two sensors of tangential component of magnetic field strength
  • The adaptor for circle samples
  • The circuit of setting and blocking magnetizing poles
  • Connector of sensors of tangential component of magnetic field strength as well as induction
  • Four magnetizing coils

Measurements can be performed in the following conditions:

  • air
  • liquid nitrogen

JM-XY10 yokes enable measuring the dynamic magnetic properties of the tested object in rotational and alternating fields. Moreover this allow determining the induction anisotropy as well as specific core losses anisotropy for single mounting of the sample in the measuring circuit with using of MAG-TD200 measuring system.

»   construction four-armed yoke with exciting coils
»   magnetic field strength 1÷10 000 [A/m]
»   polarization 0.001÷2.5* [T]
»   sample dimensions:  
»   square with side of 80÷100 [mm]
»   circle with diameter of 60÷85 [mm]

* depending on the quality of tested material


»   konstrukcja czterojarzmowa z uzwojeniem magnesującym
»   natężenie pola magnetycznego 1÷10 000 [A/m]
»   polaryzacja 0.001÷2.5* [T]
»   wymiary próbki:  
»   kwadratowa o boku 80÷100 [mm]
»   okrągła o średnicy 60÷85 [mm]

* zależnie od jakości badanego materiału