The computerized measuring system designed to measure the magnetic properties of the hard magnetic composites MAG-ST100

The computerized measuring system is designed for measure the static magnetic properties of the hard magnetic materials e.g. Alnico, ferrite, magnets based on cobalt alloy with rare-earth elements or Nd-Fe-B alloy. The system provides the opportunity of a tabular and graphic presentation of the obtained data, which can be presented by means of monitor, printer or plotter. MAG-ST100 system fulfill the requirements of IEC404-5 Standard. The system works under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

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Fluxmeter WB10

The WB10 Fluxmeter is designed to measure the change of magnetic flux in measurements of magnetic properties of the magnetic materials in quasi-static and slowly floating conditions.
Fluxmeter is the electronic measuring device with high sensitivity, very small drift as well as very small error of integration in a long time.

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Electromagnet SF2 is a measuring circuits, which makes possible the generation of adequate values of static magnetic fields in air gap between the electromagnet poles, where the measured samples is placed. The range of magnetic field strength H amount from -1 650 to +1 650 [kA/m]

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